From Commerce Grad to Manager - Advice for New Grads (Grant's Graduate Story)

From Commerce Grad to Manager - Advice for New Grads (Grant's Graduate Story)

Suncorp's a diverse and dynamic organisation. Lots to do. Lots to see.
But, what sort of opportunities can a graduate look forward to?

For our 2011 finance grad, Grant, his experience has been varied and rewarding. From UQ commerce graduate to Suncorp Manager in Marketplace Partnerships, Grant has kindly shared his Suncorp career story (so far).

So, what is your job? What do you do day-to-day?
My team develops strategic relationships with industry leading third party providers to deliver products and services that meet the needs of our 9 million customers. On a day-to-day basis, my role is a combination of managing existing relationships in the marketplace and also scoping opportunities to establish new ones.

What's your story/background?
I joined Suncorp in 2010 and shortly thereafter started in the finance graduate program. I participated in a few rotations during my program and so worked with various business areas doing different types of work. After finishing the program, I'd had two different roles, each one providing me valuable and transferrable skills to assist me in being successful in the role I have today. Over the 7 years I have been at Suncorp, I have built strong professional relationships that have provided me with a professional network and foundation to build my career.

What’s it like working here?
Suncorp is such an interesting and dynamic company to work for - there are so many different opportunities due to the various industries that we operate in (banking, insurance, and superannuation). Suncorp is unique to any other company in the financial services industry in Australia. This means that you will always have the ability to continually develop and be challenged, which is a great environment to be in to grow your career.

What's the best thing about your job?
Without a doubt, it's the fact I get to think strategically and then execute on it, and then witness that strategy come to life.

Why were you interested in working there?
What interested me most about my role was the objective of the team was so closely aligned to Suncorp's strategy and that I would have the opportunity to make a tangible, strategic, and customer-facing contribution.

What has given you the biggest sense of achievement?
The opportunity to provide support and encouragement to team members and watch them succeed. I am extremely passionate about personal development and have been appreciative and thankful to those that have done the same for me so far in my career - it is rewarding to be able to provide that support to others.

What are the most surprising aspects of your role?
What has always surprised me is that there's never a shortage of great ideas to innovate and continuously improve to benefit both Suncorp and its customers. Similarly, a culture that promotes it is “safe to fail” in the right circumstances really unlocks the potential of what can be achieved through collaboration and assessing things from a different perspective.

How would you describe our community?
The Suncorp community is an amazing collection of great minds and inspiring people. The size of the company and the breadth of the businesses we operate within exposes you to many people in your day-to-day interaction and corporate life at Suncorp in general. The feedback I receive time and time again from graduates who have come through the program is that they cannot believe how friendly and approachable everyone at Suncorp is – which is great to know for many graduates given this is typically their first corporate job!

What advice would you give to current students interested in working for Suncorp?
Be yourself! Having been through the graduate recruitment process sitting on both sides of the table, it is really refreshing to see candidates who have done their research and realise the value that Suncorp places not only on the capability of a candidate, but also who you are as an individual. Being yourself really helps us understand how you will fit into the Suncorp corporate landscape.


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