Our Interns Take on Japan

Our Interns Take on Japan

As a Grad Team, we love hearing stories about our interns and grads building life-long friendships during their time in our program. It is our people and friendships that help build our strong internal intern and graduate community, which is something that we pride ourselves on every day.

Here is one of those stories...

The Interns Take on Japan

Back in May, a small group of the 2017 interns made their way to Japan. Some cheap tickets plus a newly formed group of friends triggered a spontaneous decision that we wouldn’t regret. There were five of us who were able to go: Steffi, Mysti, Jordan, Matt and Felicia.

The five of us, along with Mysti and Steffi’s partners, visited Osaka and Kyoto over a two-week period. We spent a week in each destination. There was a great contrast between the modern concrete jungle of Osaka, and the traditional cultural experience of Kyoto. We were even lucky enough to visit during the cherry blossom season, where streets were filled with blooming pink flowers. We may have taken way too many photos with the cherry blossoms and had a ball enjoying the accompanying festival, where fish were caught and grilled squid was eaten.

We spent a day pretending to be witches and wizards at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios and tried every kind of food we could get our hands on - everything from 100-yen sushi to all-you-can-eat buffets. We explored many shrines in both Osaka and Kyoto and even dressed in kimono!

We are so happy that Suncorp has given us the opportunity to meet these wonderful people with whom we’ve developed such amazing friendships. We look forward to starting the Grad Program together and are looking forward to more adventures to come!


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