Our Graduate Program

Suncorp's two-year graduate program has been designed to develop and empower our future leaders.

The actual roles we recruit vary each year depending on the needs of our business, so check our Apply page again in March when we're recruiting to see what's on offer for you. As a graduate with Suncorp, we’ll work with you to build a solid career pathway that includes:

  • > Succession planning
  • > Ongoing education and training
  • > Study assistance

Our program is based on the 70/20/10 learning model, which means you'll do most of your learning on-the-job, working with cutting edge tech and contributing to our key projects and initiatives that make a visible impact to our customers and community. We provide you with the tools and support to drive your own career, seek out the opportunities that interest you, and work with the people who inspire you.

The 70% - On the Job Learning

We offer both specialist and generalist graduate opportunities across our customer platforms, customer experience, banking, insurance, corporate, and tech business functions.

Our specialist roles will suit graduates who know what they want to do – they’re recruited to a specific role in the business.

Our generalist roles include rotations, so they’re perfect for the free spirit types. You'll be recruited to a specific function in our business and rotate into different teams to help you explore and identify what most interests you. We call it flexibility. But, we won't hold your hand. We expect you to take ownership and drive your own career, explore your interests, and utilise your networks and professional relationships.

And, as with every Suncorp employee, you'll also have access to our 24hr innovation days, key projects, and innovative initiatives that enable you to make an impact in our business.

The 20% - Exposure

We're a diverse organisation with many brands and functions so you'll be exposed to different business areas, projects, experienced leaders, and supportive mentors while you're here. You'll enjoy our open door workplace culture and direct access to senior leaders who are genuinely invested in employee growth at Suncorp. With help from your grad alumni - you'll build strong professional networks across the business. Our gregarious grads are located across business areas, functions, cities, states, and countries!

They're well placed to introduce you to key leaders and opportunities you never knew existed - and, they'll guide you through your Suncorp experience.

The 10% - Structured Learning

Our two-year learning program will develop your tech, leadership, and soft skills, expand your network, and enhance your working experience while still allowing you to have fun! You'll access a range of learning courses via our virtual classroom (with all NZ and Australian graduates tuning in) and our online learning system. That's just the stuff we've prepared for you. Because, as a Suncorp employee, you'll also have access to our broader learning and development program catalogue.

Our Vacation Program for students

As part of the Suncorp Vacation Program, you'll take part in a 10-week paid internship that provides access to experienced leaders, exposure to great projects, and a sense of inclusion within our broader graduate community.

We're looking for students who strive to contribute to a team, set high personal standards, and take ownership of their career development and learning. Typically we recruit students from the following disciplines:

  • > Information Technology
  • > Business (Commerce, Economics, Finance)
  • > Banking
  • > Engineering
  • > Agribusiness

The Vacation Program runs in the summer break from December to February each year with a two week break during the Christmas/New Year period. Applications open August each year and are advertised on our Apply page.

Interns who successfully complete the program may then be offered a graduate role without having to go through another recruitment process. Graduate positions will then commence on completion of study, and in some cases, you may even be offered interim casual or part-time work until you graduate.

Women in IT Xperience Program

Our Program for women in IT is focussed on empowering female students and fostering equal economic, education and employment opportunities. This Program was created to build our female IT workforce of the future and to encourage women to participate, prosper and lead in the global economy. The Program includes:

  • > a guaranteed placement in our paid Vacation Program (see above)
  • > a senior mentor for the duration of your placement
  • > a graduate buddy to introduce you to our graduate community
  • > attendance at a professional development course/event as our guest

Applications open August each year for placements commencing December.

What kind of graduates are you looking for?

We're seeking enthusiastic, flexible and motivated graduates who want to make a difference to the lives of over 9 million customers. You'll also be tech savvy and agile, and know exactly why you want to be part of the Suncorp team.

What kind of roles are typically available?

Our specific role requirements vary year to year based on the needs of our business at that time. Check out our overview of Suncorp's primary business areas for a better understanding of what we do.

For more information on Suncorp visit our company website.

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